WinPuma Status Report

WinPuma Status Report (7/12/1996)
First of all I'd like to thank everyone who has shown a interest to date! I've replied to all but 3 individuals (your e-mail address couldn't be resolved). As of now, I have coded and tested the MS-Windows simulation software and libraries which I intend to embed within WinPuma (simulation version). Adding this capability will enable users to select/edit continuous simulation models for the joints of the robot. This also means various controllers can be evaluated for the selected models. As of now my priorities are as follows:
  1. Complete the separate MS-Windows simulation program
  2. Finish the inverse kinematics
  3. Created a X-Y-Z world mode pendant dialog
  4. Create a replay-recorder dialog to compliment the event-replay dialog
  5. Move all remaining configuration parameters to the INI file
  6. Replace the current simulation code with a simulation model
  7. Upload a version for evaluation purposes
Of course, this work list takes a back seat to my normal day job which is writing MS-Windows software so hopefully I can finish things without getting burned out first!

WinPuma Status Report (1/23/96)
Eventually I plan on making a limited simulator version available for free download and evaluation. It is my hope to continue working with the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of North Dakota and to eventually provide a Client/Server version capable of monitoring the Puma550 robot located in the Motion Control Lab via a real-time TCP/IP based internet connection. Future upgrades to Winpuma will depend on my ability to devote free time to the project. I am also developing a integrated Fuzzy Logic simulation application for MS-Windows which shares the same GUI class library thus I will upgrade WinPuma (where possible) during that project's development.

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