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USS Henry M. Jackson SSBN 730 Logo
This is the ship's logo as presented in the commissioning ceremony booklet. The ship is named in honor of the late Henry M. Jackson, a senator for over 31 years and a strong proponent of the Trident submarine program. The logo depicts a Trident submarine eminating from the Bangor Subase along the Hood Canal in the senator's home state of Washington. The SSBN 730 was originally named the USS Rhode Island but was renamed during new construction after Senator Jackson's death (1912..1983). Eventually SSBN 740 was given the name USS Rhode Island.

Navy Past & Present
This logo is from the Subase Bangor web page, the full size image shows a nice painting of a 3-masted warship beside a Trident submarine in transit. The inscription reads "Pride In The Past Runs Deep In The Present".

Early Morning Departure
This is a picture of the USS Henry M. Jackson departing Port Canaveral, Florida early one winter morning. Standing atop the bridge between the 2 fully raised periscopes are the Captain and the Pilot. I took this photo while entering the AMR2 hatch after the topside maneuvering watch had been secured. Needless to so say, this is my favorite photo and to this day I am still amazed at how it turned out!

USS Maryland SSBN738
This is a General Dynamics Electric Boat Division publicity photo taken of the USS Maryland (SSBN738). This Fleet Ballastic Missile submarine eventually was homeported at the Subase in Kings Bay, Georgia.

USS Maine SSBN741
This is a General Dynamics Electric Boat Division publicity photo taken of the USS Maine (SSBN741). The submarine is named for the 23rd state. Two previous U.S. Navy ships have been named Maine, an armored battleship (1895-1898) whose sinking precipitated the Spanish-American War and another battleship (BB 10) (1902-1920), which participated in the globe-circling deployment of the "Great White Fleet."

Surface Transit To Diving Point
This is a publicity photo of the USS Henry M. Jackson taken while leaving San Francisco (?) enroute to it's official homeport at the submarine base in Bangor, Washington. The HMJ was the 5th OHIO class submarine to arrive at Subase Bangor located along the beautiful Hood Canal.

Submerged Missle Launch
This picture of a Trident C4 submerged missile launch was taken by a fellow crew member riding aboard the range tracking ship off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida. The purpose of this launch was for verification and certification purposes and carried tracking devices in place of nuclear warheads to test the missile's downrange targeting accuracy. This demonstration and shakedown operation (DASO) launch was conducted during December, 1984 or about 15 months after the September 1983 commissioning.

USS Helena SSN725
This is a Newport News publicity photo taken of the USS Helena (SSN725). The Helena is a Los Angeles (688) Class Fast Attack submarine. LA Class submarines were (are) built at both the Newport News and Electric Boat submarine shipyards.

USS Helena SSN725
Another picture (most likely from same photo shoot) of the USS Helena in transit on the surface near sunrise or sunset.

USS Indianapolis SSN697
This is a excellent color picture of the USS Indianapolis slowly transiting on the surface. The full-size image has very vivid colors that make this image stand out.

USS Dallas SSN700
This is another excellent vivid color photo, this time of the USS Dallas during a slow surface transit or possibly an "all-stop". The USS Dallas is the fast attack submarine depicted in the Tom Clancy novel "The Hunt For Red October" - if you haven't read this book it is well worth the read.

USS Providence SSN719
I don't know the origin of this publicity photo however it is the USS Providence underway obviously moving fast. You can bet the Officer Of The Deck and Lookout are getting drenched. If I remember correctly the USS Providence was under new construction at the same time the USS Henry M Jackson was at Electric Boat in Groton Connecticut. If I recall correctly, the USS Providence has (12) Tomahawk Vertical Launch System (VLS) tubes forward of the sail near the waterline when the ship is at rest - a very impressive new feature in those years (1983,1984).

USS Tuscon SSN770
This is a publicity photo of the USS Tuscon. The telltale giveaway of the Improved Los Angeles class submarine is the change to Bow Blanes thus there are no Fairwater Planes protruding from the sail like the original Los Angeles class submarines and the Ohio Class ballistic missile submarines. These submariners are cruising on the surface and probably really getting sprayed from the bow-wave running the sail.

USS Seawolf SSN21
This is the best publicity photo of the Seawolf I've found so far. Judging by the foul weather gear the bridge crew is wearing it must be winter or spring somewhere off Long Island sound for sea trials or transit to/from Electric Boat in Groton CT. I can't imagine there's a submariner that wouldn't want to take a walk around this new boat. Obviously all the good secrets are underneath. The original publicity photo is well over 1200x1000 pixels and makes for excellent wallpaper. The image site also contains images of the control room (impressive) and a shot of the USS Conneticut SSN22 during new construction (shrouded propulsor?)

FA-18 Super Hornet
Of course submarines where my thing but I couldn't resist including this awesome shot of the new Super Hornet. A carrier full of these machines is definetly a lethal weapon. The original full size image is over 1500x1800 pixels and makes a fantastic wallpaper for your PC or SparcStation.

Port Canaveral Tug Boat
This picture looking (underway starboard) at a escorting Port Canaveral tug boat was taken just prior to entering the Port Canaveral naval facility at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Hiding Out Behind Ford Island
This is a picture of the USS Henry M. Jackson while pierside in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Either for safety (80's terrorist theats) or logistics (lack of room) we parked on the back side of Ford Island. If one could look directly backwards, downtown Honolulu would be visible. Traveling to the left takes you across the abandoned Ford Island air field and eventually to the other side of the island where the Arizona memorial lies.

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